Where to buy Best Chinese Sausage in Singapore?

Tech Sang on Hong Kong Street is the home to Ideal Food Chinese sausage.  Singapore most established brand name for Chinese sausage.   For the experience locals usually select the popular established brands for their quality, taste and texture. The place to go is to visit your local Chinese grocery store. You can ask what Lap Cheong they have in both, the ingredients and the fat content. In the local wet markets in Singapore, near Bugis, there are many vendors and distributors who sell several varieties of Chinese sausages. The best types of Lap Cheong are those that have a deep red colour with a crunchy coating (Cantonese Style). If they're too dark or too light in colour and have a sour or bland smell, don't buy them.  You may have to go through trial and error to find the seller that tastes best for you.  Do you want to try Dong Guan Lap Mei Fan? The best place to buy sausages is Teck Sang Online (Tecksangonline.com), they carry the complete range from "Idealfood Chinese Sausages". The alternate place to start is at the Chinese supermarket in your neighbourhood.

You can find out about the type of lap Cheong they contain, the ingredients and the fat content. Many vendors and distributors sell various types of Chinese sausages at the wet markets in the Singapore neighbourhood, near Bugis. Lap Cheong varieties with a deep red hue and a crunchy exterior are the best. Avoid buying items that are too dark or light in colour or that smell bad or bad.

To find the supplier that tastes right for you, you may have to do a bit of "trial and error".  Before the pandemic, Singaporeans were travelling with their families on an annual pilgrimage to get some packages of locally made Chinese sausages. For a delicious dish that keeps things simple, this recipe from Viet World Kitchen combines brilliant green garlic and sweet Chinese sausage. Chinese sausage can be exchanged for chorizo sausage, which is very common in Spain and Portugal.
Fried rice, spring rolls, char kway teow, a popular fried noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore, and Thai sausage salad are some of the dishes on the menu (yum Guang Chiang, (see recipe below). One of Singapore's best-selling authentic Chinese sausages in Hong Kong style is Double Happiness ('Jing Mei'). Keep in mind that the flavour is slightly different because Chinese sausage use Rose wine and is a touch sweeter than chorizo and less salty and spicy. Plus, you probably don't need as much soy sauce to season because sausages add enough salt and a sweet, nuanced flavour.

What unifies all types of Chinese sausages is an extremely sweet flavour and an emulsified texture that makes even the freshest links taste like meat caramel. Chinese sausages are ideal for stir-fry recipes because they tend to enhance the flavour of other meats and vegetables without overwhelming them. To try its full flavour, try cooking vacuum-packed lap Cheong rice and those bought at the butcher shop or Chinese store. Other dim sum dishes that include lap Cheong include pan-fried turnip cakes, steamed Chinese sausage rolls, chicken and glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and sticky rice steamed in a bowl (also known as Mai Fan) (Bok Gow).

Chinese sausage is traditional processed meat that is well-known in China. Chinese sausage dates back to the period of Northern and Southern Dynasties (~300–500 AD). An almanac from the period describes a unique starch-free sausage-filling technique that was developed to preserve meat and is still followed to this day. Today, most come oven dried uncooked and come pre-cooked. A common cooking method is simply to place the sausage in the rice, or fried rice with Chinese sausage. There are many Chinese sausage recipes online, the key here is the selection of the type of Chinese-style sausage and the quality ingredient used.

Southern China families traditionally made a supply of sausages in preparation for the Chinese New Year, and many still consider Chinese sausages a New Year’s dinner staple. however, due to the contamination of chemical contaminants, in particular nitrosamines and their precursors, the problem of its safety has gained more and more attention (nitrate, nitrite, etc. Lap Cheong or Chinese sausage or Chinese sausage, is one of The all-time favourites for all ages and is used on all occasions in Chinese cuisine, from Hawker's Char-Kway-Teow, informal family meals, to Chinese New Year reunion dinners.

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6 PAIRS, 520 GM±


Made of quality fresh duck liver and crispy sausage casing.
Sweet and fragrant taste with chewy mouth-feel.

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6 PAIRS   560 GM ±   $25.90



Fat ratio - 2: 8
Made of quality pork and crispy sausage casing.
Strong taste, juicy and tasty.

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