The Sweet and Savory Flavor of Chinese Sausage

Chinese sausage is a generic term that refers to the different types of sausages that originate in China. The flavor of these sausages varies slightly depending on the ingredients used, but they generally have a sweet and savory taste. What unifies all types of Chinese sausages is an extremely sweet flavor and an emulsified texture that makes even the freshest links taste like meat caramel. Lap cheong is a sweet-and-salty sausage that has pockets of fat that help highlight flavors and enhance fatty texture.

During cooking, the fat melts, but is often trapped in the meat, creating small bursts of umami flavor. Chinese sausage is used as an ingredient in many dishes in the southern Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan and Hunan, as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is also popular in Suriname, where it is known by a Chinese word hakka translated as fatjong, fachong, fa-chong, fashong or fasjong in colloquial spelling. Chinese sausages are usually made locally; for example, many of the Chinese sausages sold in Canada are produced by several manufacturers based in Vancouver and Toronto. If you visit any decent-sized Chinese market, you'll find an impressive variety of Chinese sausages, commonly known by their Cantonese name lap cheong. Slices of Chinese sausage are good in any stir fry, but they are especially delicious when added to a rice or noodle dish so that the staple food absorbs the fat extracted from the sausage.

You can also learn how to make Chinese sausages at home with two types of flavors: spicy mala sausages and sweet Chinese sausages (lop cheung).Chinese sausage: Lap cheong (Cantonese) làcháng (mandarin) is a cured sausage that is usually steamed or diced and sautéed in a wok. Most Asian supermarkets sell Chinese sausages; since they are dry, cured and smoked, the package will last more than a year if not opened (also check the expiration date on the package).I see a Chinese-American food vlogger and I'm always amazed at the variety of Chinese food served and how much better Chinatowns in America are than ours. From stir fries to noodle dishes to barbecues, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of Chinese sausage.

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