Are All Sausages Processed Meat?

When it comes to processed meat, sausage is one of the most popular options. This includes varieties such as sausage, salami, ham, and cured bacon. So yes, sausage is considered processed meat. Sausage is essentially ground beef with a certain percentage of fat, salt, and seasonings for flavor.

In the store, sausages are available in both fresh and precooked forms. The fresh form must be cooked before eating, while the precooked versions are often preserved through curing, drying, or fermentation. Sausages tend to be high in fat due to the pork content and the fact that fat makes them moist and delicious. However, many cheap sausages contain only 30-40% meat and a large amount of additives. To ensure you know exactly what you're eating, it's best to make your own sausages.

This way you'll have better control over the quality of the meat and the taste of the sausages. I get my sausages from a big butcher and I'm confident that all the processing done to them is harmless. Some people advocate for sausages with close to 100% meat content, but I personally think they're better with a good amount of fat and other ingredients. Of course, you can make sausages with as many additives as you want, but if you go far enough in the market, that's what you'll get.

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