The Sweet and Savory Flavor of Chinese Sausage

Chinese sausage is a generic term that refers to the different types of sausages that originate in China. It is characterized by an extremely sweet flavor and an emulsified texture that makes even the freshest links taste like meat caramel. The flavor of Chinese sausage varies slightly depending on the ingredients used, but it generally tastes sweet and savory. Lap cheong is a sweet-and-salty sausage that has pockets of fat that help highlight flavors and enhance fatty texture.

During cooking, the fat melts, but is often trapped in the meat, creating small bursts of umami flavor. Chinese sausage complements rice and vegetable dishes very well. The easiest way to cook sausage is to add it to steamed rice. It also goes perfectly with pasta. If you think that Chinese sausage has all the attractive powers of bacon and more, you'll begin to understand why it is so popular.

Chinese sausage may look and taste different depending on the region of China where the recipe comes from. Because of the salty flavor of sausages, they are used sparingly with other ingredients to balance the flavor. There are also many varieties of sausages in China, such as yun chang made with duck liver, xiang chang similar to lap cheong but even sweeter. Lap cheong () are Chinese pork sausages with a sweet and savory flavor and a beautiful reddish pink color. Chinese sausage appears in turnip cake, for example, and if you frequent dim sum carts, you'll see it in a variety of other snacks, such as various fried taro root concoctions. While you might see different levels of dryness and different types of meat combinations, most Chinese sausages are made with deliciously greasy pork and taste sweet and addictive. It's for a total of 10 pounds of meat (for 50 sausages), but obviously you can adjust the measurements with the slider bar (next to “Portions”).

Hello, I am Muslim and I was wondering if there is another way to make these sausages without alcohol. The answer is yes! You can make Chinese sausages without alcohol by substituting it with other ingredients such as soy sauce or rice wine vinegar.

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